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How to Combine the Razor Wire With the Post?

Jul. 05, 2021

Author: 安平县宇隽五金网类有限公司 From: 安平县宇隽五金网类有限公司 Modify: Jul,05,2021

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The razor barbed wire is a 304 razor barbed wire welded with a razor wire into a diamond-shaped hole or a square hole. If you want to climb over, the net-shaped 304 razor barbed wire has sharp blades, which cannot be held by hands or climbed by feet. The protective wall has a strong deterrent and obstructive effect, which is both beautiful and significant in practice. It is deeply loved by prisons, military and government equipment. The combination of the linear razor wire and the snake-belly razor wire makes people daunting and breaks people's fluke psychology.

Razor Wire Flatwrap

Razor Wire Flatwrap

The length and diameter can be manufactured according to customer requirements. The straight razor wire is a new type of protective net. The product has a good deterrent effect. Pretty.  Economical and useful features. The column adopts 5*5 square tube, the general height is 60-80cm. It is mainly used for garden apartments. prison. Checkpoint. Entrapment protection for border defense, etc.

The razor barbed wire is a blocking device composed of sharp-pointed galvanized steel or stainless steel sheet as the blade, and high-tensile steel wire as the core wire. Because the gillnet is not easy to touch, it can achieve a good protective barrier effect. Welcome to watch and negotiate! The razor wire protective net is a new type of protective net. The razor wire produced by our factory is made of specially selected hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel as materials and twisted.

This kind of razor barbed wire product is strong and beautiful, has good protection and deterrence, and can effectively avoid malicious and deliberate damage. In addition, the razor barbed cords produced by our factory are of various varieties, generally divided into the following types: Spiral interpenetrating razor cords are tied between two razor cords with stainless steel sheets and galvanized steel sheets strongly clamped, and immediately after opening In an interspersed shape, it is economical, beautiful and useful.

The single-loop razor wire does not need a clip, and is installed according to its natural method of opening. There are many ways to set up the straight razor wire. Straight razor barbed wire is quick to construct, and it saves money when it reaches its resistance. Fence-type razor wire is a fence-shaped protective net made of razor wire. The blade is useful and beautiful in appearance. It is mainly used for protection of fences, doors and windows, and military protection.

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