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How to Install Razor Wire in Special Terrain?

Feb. 05, 2021

As a Razor Wire Manufacturer, share with you.

Razor Wire

Razor Wire

In the razor wire device, it is very simple to show that the stretching caused by the surrounding is not complete, and the device function is not particularly good. At this time, it is necessary to use a tensioner to stretch. The razor wire after tensioning with the tensioner works better when installing the razor wire. The razor wire is more vertical after the partner device. At the same time, the use of the razor wire is more economical. If the tensioner is not used for stretching Razor nets are less beautiful.

The razor wire method of the time division device with relatively large rugged ground also needs to be modified accordingly, because the original device method of the device will not be able to play a protective role. Three points should be selected before installation, namely the high point and the side lines on both sides. The number of razor wire posts is good. The time and minutes of the installation should be installed gradually according to the hook placement method of the razor wire posts, so that a good razor wire can be installed. Follow the ruggedness on the ground and move up and down to avoid elements that have too large gaps due to ruggedness.

There are a lot of equipment in the prison, ranging from fences, power grids, surveillance, access control, etc., to production items such as hammers and scissors. These seemingly independent individuals are actually related to the security of the prison. Regarding these complicated individuals, we imagine that by introducing a lot of various types of sensors, we can implement in-depth environmental perception of the entire relatively static or dynamic individual, and perform online monitoring through sensor parameter monitoring.

Discover possible defects and risks of equipment in time, deal with them quickly, and eliminate safety incidents. Quickly predict potential risks or emergencies that may appear to eliminate potential safety hazards. If some criminals choose something damaged or try to climb over the fence, the compound sensor on the fence will detect the abnormal sensation signal. After matching analysis, intelligent identification and positioning, the warning information will be announced to the prison command center.

The prison command center prompts the location based on the early warning signal of the sensor, recognizes it through video surveillance in the vicinity of the area, announces the alarm with lights and horns at the front of the enclosure, and launches corresponding emergency plans together depending on the situation. If criminals are digging near the fence, the underground geography sensor will feel an abnormal sensation. After inductive analysis, determine the location of the incident, announce the warning signal to the prison command center, and the prison command center will immediately launch a corresponding plan.

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