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What is the Misunderstanding in the Use of Barbed Wire Bracket?

Jul. 20, 2021

Author: 安平县宇隽五金网类有限公司 From: 安平县宇隽五金网类有限公司 Modify: Jul,20,2021

As a Razor Wire Manufacturer, share with you. Misunderstandings in the use of the barbed wire bracket, please pay attention to more people to avoid further removal. When users talk about the price and give the money to the barbed wire stent factory, the next barbed wire stent factory will ship, but the above misunderstandings are more in the barbed wire stents, so we need to use them before using them. It is a lot of work to prepare and correct the equipment plan after the problem occurs.

Welded Razor Wire Mesh

Welded Razor Wire Mesh

The barbed wire support equipment needs to be stretched as necessary. This is not a special stroke that needs to be stretched. However, the necessary stretching is still performed. Since the time to send the barbed wire bracket to the user is tied together, after the user opens it from the outside, the shortening of the wire will rebound, so we need to use mechanical tools to perform the necessary operations to extend the function vertically.

The barbed wire bracket of this equipment is not only beautiful and generous, but also has a higher utilization rate. The problem of the barbed wire holder being fixed to the column is also prominent. Many users buy cement rods themselves, but they do not know whether they are fixed with barbed wire brackets, or even directly wrap them on the cement rods to fix the points. intention.

In fact, the manufacturer of the barbed wire bracket advocates the use of wires to tie the two together for the purpose. However, there are still people who claim that users have purchased a special barbed wire holder column at the barbed wire holder factory because it has a fixed hook.

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