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What is the Misunderstanding in the Use of Razor Wire Bracket?

Feb. 18, 2021

As a Razor Wire Suppliers, share with you.

There are more misunderstandings in the use of barbed wire brackets, and everyone needs to pay attention to avoid removing them. When the user negotiates the price with the barbed wire bracket factory and pays the money, then wait for the barbed wire bracket factory to ship the goods, but there are more misunderstandings in the use of the barbed wire bracket, and this requires us to use it before It will be more troublesome to make adequate preparations to avoid problems and then revise the installation plan.

Concertina Razor Wire

Concertina Razor Wire

The barbed wire support device requires the necessary stretching. This is not a special stiff that needs to be stretched, but the necessary stretching is still necessary. Because the barbed wire support is delivered to the user in bundles and wrapped together, the user After being opened from the outside, it will rebound due to the shortening of the metal wire, which requires us to use mechanical tools to perform the necessary stretching to reach the vertical effect.

In this way, the barbed wire bracket is not only beautiful, but also can achieve a higher utilization rate. The problem of fixing the barbed wire bracket to the column is also quite prominent. Many users buy cement poles by themselves, but they don’t know if the barbed wire bracket is fixed to it, or even if it is fixed directly on the cement pole. the purpose.

In fact, the barbed wire bracket manufacturer's proposal is to use iron wire to tie the two together to achieve the intention. However, it is still recommended that users purchase special barbed wire support posts from the barbed wire support factory because of the hooks on them for fixing, so they are also relatively strong.

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