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How Thick Should the Plastic Layer of the Plastic-Coated Barbed Wire Be?

Apr. 19, 2021

As a Razor Wire Manufacturer, share with you.

The plastic-coated razor barbed wire is better at anti-corrosion on the basis of galvanized coating. Of course, the specification can be customized and the thickness of the coating can also be adjusted. Under normal conditions, the thickness of the plastic-coated razor barbed wire is controlled at about 0.5 mm, which is a useful thickness.

Welded Razor Wire Mesh

Welded Razor Wire Mesh

There is also a problem that is worthy of our attention. The price of the coated barbed wire is not only based on the thickness of the internal galvanized wire when it is sold. The cost incurred when the relatively thin wire is not coated is the price of a thick barbed wire. High. The plastic-coated razor barbed cords we usually see are dark green, because they are also cheap in terms of operating costs.

However, some special colors can also be stopped to be produced, but the price is higher. In other aspects, the metal inside will not be exposed as a whole under ordinary conditions, and it is precisely because of this characteristic of the plastic-coated barbed wire that it is also capable of resisting rain.

The surface anti-rust treatment of razor barbed wire is generally galvanized, painted, and stainless steel. In the meantime, the use of galvanized razor barbed wire is relatively common, because the razor barbed wire after galvanization is durable, the applicable environment is more common, and it has strong anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation effects. Long-term use outdoors will not show the phenomenon of falling storm leather. Galvanized razor barbed wire is economical, useful and inexpensive.

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