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What are the Advantages of Razor Wire?

May. 07, 2021

As a Razor Wire Manufacturer, share with you.

The production speed of razor barbed wire is relatively fast, and the sales volume is also relatively large. However, because of the backwardness in logistics, the transaction was lost. Generally, large-scale razor cords use the form of logistics center transit, because the delivery of the whole vehicle is generally slower, but the big advantage is that the price is cheaper. Areas with more developed economies can still deliver goods to your door.

Welded Razor Mesh

Welded Razor Mesh

But related to the economically backward address, express delivery has revealed its due drawbacks. Because many areas cannot be delivered because of relatively remote logistics centers, if there are more razor cords, they can be delivered, but if it is a little bit, they can only go to the building materials market to pick up the goods.

Using express delivery of razor barbed cords is only limited to barbed cords weighing less than 100 kilograms, because the cost of express delivery is generally high. In many cases, the price of barbed cords is equal to the shipping cost and customers abandon the purchase. However, it is still more cost-effective to buy a small number of ordinary households, and the bento express can be quickly delivered to the destination.

The razor barbed wire is related to the traditional braided and twisted barbed wire, because the process is relatively complicated and the raw material cost is relatively high. The primary raw materials of the razor wire are galvanized wire and galvanized sheet, because the price of galvanized sheet is more expensive. It is more expensive than galvanized wire, so it is directly reflected in the price of selling razor wire. In addition, the difference in processing technology also leads to the difference in the price of the razor barbed wire.

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