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Electric Razor Wire

Model: BTO-22, BTO-28, BTO-30, BTO-60, BTO-65

Product Description

Electric Razor Wire Description:

Electric Razor Wire, Electric Razor Wire Fence Supplier,Manufacturer

Model: BTO-22, BTO-28, BTO-30, BTO-60, BTO-65

Brand: YUJUN

Code: 73130000

Electric Razor Wire Specification:

Size: 450mm, 500mm, do as required

Color: green, red, white

Material: galvanized, galvalume, stainless steel

Electric Razor Wire Application

Recommended locations for installation

For locations with the need for the highest protection possible such as boarders, prisons as


well as logistic centres (Sensitive Facilities).

Electric Razor Wire Specifications

Capacity of insulator up to 30000V (certified) 

Smart Razor Wire Coil

- The coil is designed to provide an intruder detection signal and if required can also provide a 7000 volt repulse shock.

- Because the coil comes with a built in conductor, it provides for a low cost alarm system.

- The coil is simply attached to a fence, wall or roof. An energiser is connected and the user has a physical barrier, detection and electric repulse system.

- Innocent access to the live wire is prevented by the outer coil of barbed tape concertina.

- As the inner coil is attached to the outer coil, the two coils move together in windy conditions etc. thus avoiding false alarms.