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Perforated Metal

Product Description

Galvanized Perforated Louver Metal Sheet| Powder Coated & Square Hole, Round Hole & 4x12


Perforated metal is manufactured by using punches or presses to create a series of holes, slots, bars, or decorative patterns in sheet metal. In earlier times, these sheets would have to be designed by skilled laborers using manual hand tools, but thanks to advancements in modern technology, perforated sheet metal can be produced using a variety of machining methods.

Fashion Wire Mesh works with materials up to 3/8" thick and 60" wide, standard. Under special circumstances, we can perforate metal and other materials up to 1" thick We have the experience to recommend the correct gauge to use with a certain panel span, width, thickness or application; and we have the facilities, equipment and expertise to do small or large production runs, depending on your needs.


Perforated metal characteristics:
·Various kind of hole patterns.

·Durable and long service life.

·Attractive appearance and wide range of thickness available.
·Accurate hole s, bending resistance, corrosion resistance.
·Easy to process and install, good sound absorption

Perforated Metal Applications:

Building      facades and decorative features

Functional      screens and sunshades

Decorative and      functional trellises

Screens and      ventilation for machinery

Water filtration

Plant      filtration




ItemSpecification information
Materialaluminum,low-carbon steel, , galvanized sheet, stainless steel   sheet,copper, titanium etc.
Surface treatmentgalvanizing, powder coating, anodizing, paint, fluorocarbon coating
Hole Shaperectangular hole, square hole, diamond, round hole, triangular   hole,pattern hole, the word hole, louvers, and other irregular
Pattern90° staggered, 45° staggered, 60° staggered,90° straight




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