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Razor Wire Barrier

Rapid Deployment Barrier (also named mobile security barriers,barricade, deployment barrier security fence, rapid deployment barrier, concertina razor mobile security barrier, concertina razor barrier for military use, mobile security barrier, rapid deployment, mobile razor wire security barrier, razor wire barrier, razor wire mobile security barrier, concertina razor barrier.

Product Description

Razor Wire Security Fencing, Razor Barbed Wire Fence For Sale

Designed to provide rapid deployment riot barrier protection - the 70-75 meters long barriers of concertina razor wire / blade barbed wire / razor barbed wire coils can be deployed in seconds. Mobile Security Barrier is one of the specially equipment used for National Defense, protest & riot control, coastline defense against enemy army, barricade for accident sites, and blockage for road construction, or important entrances & exits, provide rapid passive safety protection of through razor wire deployment, anywhere.

•The Rapid Deployment Barriers are fully recoverable and reusable.
•Depending on which end-use model deployment barrier is desired, for police and military usually is automatic deploy(set up) and retrieve (withdraw). For boundary / border usually is automatic deploy(set up) and no need withdraw or no need automatic retieve(withdraw) function.
•Retrieve(withdraw): push the trailer backwards making the opened razor barbed tape/wire to go back to the trailer automatically without any man-help until the trailer gate has been put back to place.
•A single barrier unit can be quickly refilled by folklift, then drop many kilometers in a short space of time.
•Each rapid Deployment Barrier System (concertina razor wire mobile security barrier ) can be customized to meet customers exact requirements.
•Applications include crowd control and riot prevention, prisoner short term detention, site security, augmented fence perimeter security, and quick site security protection.


•Spare wheel and spanner
•Barrier recovery hooks
•Handling gloves
•Spare clips and bolt cutters
•Remote control and battery(only available for automatic trailer)

Available Types Here ( 3 = 3 coils razor barbed wire form a mobile security barrier, 6 = 6 coils razor barbed wire form a rapid deployment barrier unit, WAMD = withdraw automatically through mechanical drive, WAED = withdraw automatically through electric drive, NAWF = no automatic withdraw function but rapid deployment riot barrier could retrieve or withdraw by hand )


Mobile razor wire security barrier is designed for rapid deployment of effective barriers during the police and other special operations. It is a serious obstacle to the entry of people and vehicles. Mobile razor wire security barrier is packed in a container. The container is made of wire with a diameter of 6 mm in the form of 2 baskets with 4 knobs and 3 locks to connect the circuit and baskets for transporting. It is a spiral security barrier concertina enclosed in a specially designed lightweight cassette that provides the ability to quickly deploy, collapse of the barrier, and its safe transportation. Mobile razor wire security barrier is designed for portability, expanding and collapsing the calculation of two people. Ease of assembly is ensured by special hooks. The ends of the coil fixed to the basket brackets. On handles attached rope with hooks to secure the baskets for the materials at hand when you install the mobile barrier.

The concertina coils of the product are linked in a special way in 7 equidistant points on a circle, so that it is a very effective physical barrier. The design provides, if necessary, the ability to attach to the fixed supports (poles, trees, standing tow vehicles, etc.) to prevent its demolition in the operations. It is intended to enclose an area, including after accidents, to prevent unauthorized persons entering the restricted zone. In addition, you can connect with each other products in any quantity for any length of the barrier.

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